Wreckfest (Next Car Game)

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    • Ich würde es gerne mal wieder fahren, aber ich habe das Gefühl beim lenken, eine automatische Gegenlenkhilfe greift ein. Denn das Onscreen-Lenkrad bewegt sich nicht synchron sondern gleicht eben auch mal Übersteuern aus.
      Außerdem habe ich selbst mit 15% Software-Clipping und
      die Unebenheiten der Fahrbahn, wenn man auf losem Untergrund fährt, werden viel zu extrem dargestellt, dafür zu wenig Vorder/Hinterachse.

      Gibt eine ini für solche Sachen?
      CPU Ryzen 7 3700x | GPU RTX 2080ti | RAM 32GB | MONITOR C49HG90DEMUXEN | VALVE Index| WHEEL SimuCube 1 (960Watt+BISS-C+großer MiGE) + | PEDALS Heusinkveld Pro| Rig mit Aluprofilen
    • Tournament Update: Time Attack!

      Full List of changes: Tournament Update: Time Attack! | Bugbear Community

      • New Tournament Season: Time Attack
      • Stability and performance improvements

      We're pleased to announce the availability of a new Tournament Season!

      While the previous Tournament Season was focused on wrecking and causing as much chaos as possible, this time around it's all about speed and skill. The new Weekly and Monthly events will challenge you to take your racing skills to the limit and post the best possible hot lap time on a number of time trials. But since this is Wreckfest and not just your garden-variety racing game, take heed to watch out for some explosive surprises along the way!

      In other Tournament related news, we've adjusted the amount of FP (Fame Points) rewards as well as the cost of items in the Tournament Shop. Let's set one thing straight: The goal of the Tournament Mode is to give you something fun and rewarding to do in the game, not feel like endless grinding for points. So from now on, it will be much easier for everyone to have fun and enjoy the rewards. If you ask us, this is how it should be!

      We're also constantly working on improving the gameplay experience based on the feedback, and this release contains numerous other improvements and additions. For one, we've been working on solving the technical niggles that have made it impossible for a small number of users to participate in the leaderboard challenges. We're confident that the issues have now been resolved, but in case you're still experiencing problems be sure to give us a shout. Also, we've made significant improvements to save data handling and Steam Cloud integration so if you're on PC and haven't been able to run the game due to save data issues please give it a go now! Please find below a complete summary of items fixed or improved upon in this release.

      Please note that the multi-platform changes for PC marked with an asterisk (*) were already rolled out for other platforms in the previous patch.
    • Neues 4,7GB schweres Update...

      We're actively working on improving the gameplay experience based on the feedback. Please find below a summary of items fixed or improved upon in this release.


      Game version

      PS4: 1.43
      PC: 1.259651

      • (PC) Game no longer crashes when quitting while vehicle mods are enabled.
      • (PC) Invalid analytics data will no longer prevent the game from launching.
      • *PC) Date stamps of conflicting files are now shown in the Steam Cloud popup.
      • (PC) Fixed a crash in the effect system when using certain mods.

      • Added upgrades for Super-Venom.
      • Fixed Super-Venom deform glitch.
      • Fixed Roadcutter rear spoiler deform glitch.
      • Fixed Speedbird tournament reward livery UV mapping bug.
      • Improved Wardigger upshift/downshift logic.

      • FP (Fame Points) earned from completed challenges should be now received correctly, even for past challenges.
      • (PC) Player can now choose to remove ineligible local result in case there's amismatch between the local and leaderboard result.
        This can occur for example due to the upload of the result failing, or in case your (cheated) result has been deleted from the leaderboard.

      • In-game: AI vehicle mixdown adjustments & perf improvements.
      • In-game: Initialize each AI vehicle engine sound with a range randomized pitch offset, to improve separation / uniqueness between for multiples of same vehicle.
      • In-game: Adjusted player vehicles to use similar distance-based playback prioritization sorting as AI vehicles, to address possible active voice stealing in free cam mode.
      • Big Rig / Doom Rig: Optimized DSP effect usage.
      • Roadslayer / Roadslayer GT: Fixed broken soundbank, mixdown and engine sound tweaks.
      • Hellride: Added missing position tracking to flame barrel objects for correct surround panning.

      Thanks for all the feedback and happy wrecking!
    • Ich habe übrigens Antwort vom Support erhalten, warum eine KI hilft, gegen zu lenken:

      Bugbear Support schrieb:

      Hi Manuel,

      Ah yes, I see. That’s exactly the problem because at least until we can ourselves get one, the SimuCUBE products are detected as a gamepad.

      Sorry for the inconvenience. We hope we can soon offer proper support since they are an amazing piece of engineering.

      CPU Ryzen 7 3700x | GPU RTX 2080ti | RAM 32GB | MONITOR C49HG90DEMUXEN | VALVE Index| WHEEL SimuCube 1 (960Watt+BISS-C+großer MiGE) + | PEDALS Heusinkveld Pro| Rig mit Aluprofilen
    • Riedle09 schrieb:

      Welche 2-3 DLCs würdet ihr mir empfehlen? Sind jetzt auch alle DLC durch, die geplant waren (waren doch 8, oder)?
      Für 10€ würde ich dir folgendes empfehlen:
      a.k.a. "Häuptling schnelle Socke"

    • Die Tage startet wohl die zweite Season von Wreckfest. Mit neuen kauffahrzeugen aber auch neuen Strecken und Autos für umsonst.
      Finds stark, dass in das Spiel immer wieder neu investiert wird seitens der Entwickler.
      Hab auch immer mal wieder in die Herausforderungen reingeschaut und konnte mir sogar schon ein Fahrzeug erspielen :thumbsup:

      CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Grafikkarte: KFA2GeForce RTX 2060 Super RAM: 16GB Crucial Ballistix Sport LT SSD: 1TB Intel 660p M.2 2280
      Motherboard: MSI B450-A Pro Netzteil: 500 Watt be quiet! Pure Power 11 CM VR: Oculus Rift S
    • Neu

      Tournament Update: Winter Fest

      • New tournament: Winter Fest
      • New free reward car: Starbeast SS
      • Bug fixes and improvements

      We're thrilled to announce the availability of a new tournament!

      As you know, in many parts of the world it's that magical time of the year again that the white powdery stuff covers everything into its blanket. Yes, that's snow! As some of you might remember, a few years back we did a holiday special featuring snow, and since many of you have been hoping to see something similar again, we just couldn't leave you all out cold. So, sure enough winter has arrived in the Valley of Bugbear once again and during this tournament, all tracks are covered with snow! And what's even more fun is that this time we got snowballs too!

      That's right: No winter would be complete without glistening snow, slippery roads, and of course, snowball fights! Since we're talking about Wreckfest here, the snowballs in the headlining tournament event "Snowball Run" are of pretty destructive type, and tossing one unleashes a whirlwind of vehicular destruction wrecking anything in its path. Let's see who's going to be the toughest snowball fighter! The sideshow events are keeping it in the spirit as well, with winter themed demolition races, demolition derbies and time attacks guaranteed to offer sideways going, sheet metal tearing wintry fun. Make sure to check them all out because awaiting the top players we have a very special prize: a wicked new tournament reward car Starbeast SS, sure to strike the right chords with the fans of the Early Access version of the car.

      Besides, we're always actively working on improving the gameplay experience based on the feedback, and thus this release contains a number of additional enhancements and bug fixes. We invite you to check out the release notes below for a complete summary of items fixed or improved upon. As always, thanks for all the feedback!


      Game version

      PS4: 1.90

      • New tournament season: Winter Fest.
      • New free tournament reward car: Starbeast SS.
      • The DLC promotional screen is only shown once per session for each respective DLC.

      • (PC) Fixed an issue which caused DualShock and DualSense controllers to not function correctly.
      • (XB1) Online features now work correctly after disconnecting the controller before the initial interactive screen.
      • (PS4) Game no longer freezes after signing out of PlayStation™Network while in a multiplayer lobby.

      • Improved Speedie handling and engine to make it more competitive.
      • Small special vehicles no longer take excessive damage even from small shunts.
      • Rammer and Roadcutter AI Player setups are now more appropriate for their respective classes.
      • The rear spoiler of the Nexus RS "BB Racing" bundle is now parented correctly to the trunk lid.
      • Exhausts no longer get distorted after deforming.
      • Roof decorations no longer deform wildly.
      • Fixed Boomer RS taillight cover glitch.

      • Rebel Rat engine audio now plays correctly.
      • Fixed an issue with Stellar where clicks in sound would occur when idling in neutral gear.
      • Cockpit view audio now includes more low and mid range frequencies.
      • Audience sound effects are no longer played during loading screens.
      • In the settings, the "Interface Sound Effects" now changes volume of UI sounds independent from the "Effects" volume.
      • In the settings, the "Ambiance" volume control now affects all track-side sound sources.

      Have fun!