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    • Assetto Corsa Competizione Sammelthread

      Assetto Corsa Competizione v1.0 is out now!

      Die Downloadgröße beträgt: 9,3 GB

      Den bisherigen Thread Assetto Corsa Competizione Sammelthread (Early-Access-Phase) werden wir schließen und alles weitere in diesem Thread besprechen.

      Viel Spaß schon mal... :) :prost:

      Edit: Hier noch der aktuelle changelog für die Version 1.0

      Spoiler anzeigen

      V1.0.0 Changelog

      - Added Porsche 911 (991) GT3 R.
      - Added Porsche 911 (991II) GT3 Cup.
      - Added Mercedes-AMG GT3.
      - Added Audi R8 LMS.
      - Added Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo (2015 Model Year).
      - Added McLaren 650S GT3.
      - Added Bentley Continental GT3 (2018 Model Year).
      - Added Aston Martin Racing V12 Vantage GT3.
      - Added Reiter Engineering R-EX GT3.
      - Added Lexus RC F GT3.
      - Added Honda/Acura NSX GT3.
      - Added Circuit de Catalunya (Barcelona).
      - Added Silverstone Circuit.
      - Added Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps.
      - Added Brands Hatch Circuit.
      - Added all drivers, teams and unique car liveries from the 2018 European Blancpain GT Series.
      - Switched to UE 4.22.
      - CPU optimizations that should bring significant improvement on all tracks.

      - New ABS logic update for all cars. ABS level can greatly influence
      your braking distances depending on weather and track conditions.
      - Physics-based flatspotting re-enabled and greatly improved. You can
      badly flatspot your tyres with 2 or 3 high speed spins. The tyres will
      tend to lock up on the same flatspot, high vibrations to the suspension
      (and Force Feedback) when the flatspotted tyre is put under load
      (braking, cornering).
      - Fuel load simulation/testing. You can find this new slider under
      Aero/Rear box. This only works in practice sessions. It is disabled in
      qualification, hotlaps/hotstint and race sessions.
      Once you have created your setup, you can move this slider and load the
      car with the fuel you want (less or more), and the ride height will
      change accordingly. The resulting ride height might be higher or lower
      than the actual setup. When you modify the ride height, the option will
      be disabled again.
      - ECU and throttle map improvements for all cars
      - Tyre sets implemented. There is a limited number of slick tyre sets
      available for race weekends (which can also be set to unlimited.)
      When enabled, make sure you keep an eye on tyre sets and their wear in the Setup/Strategy page.
      ACC assigns the following number of tyre sets for each different race type:
      Sprint race weekend: 5 sets
      Endurance 3 hours race weekend: 6 sets
      Endurance 6 hours race weekend: 9 sets
      Endurance 24 hours race weekend: no limit.
      There is also no limit for wet tyre sets.
      The feature only works in offline gameplay for now. Online game modes feature unlimited tyre sets.
      Individual sets still get wear, so make sure a new tyre set is selected
      in every session (there is an automatic progression even if the player
      doesn't change the set manually).
      - Kerb grip updates. Kerbs are now VERY slippery when wet.
      - Rubbered wet line update. Rubbered wet line can be VERY slippery until cleaned by heavy rain.
      - Improved tyre model bumps and kerbs impact.
      - Improved rolling resistance influence.
      - Improved wet grip simulation and wet rolling resistance influence.
      - Improved tyre wear. Fresh tyres give maximum performance for 3-4 laps
      depending on track, then lose performance fast and stabilize after 6-7
      laps. Afterwards they will lose performance gradually but laptimes might
      remain stable or very little loss, because of losing fuel weight.
      - Added wind simulation in variable conditions. Wind will be higher just
      before and during a weather change (from sunny to wet and vica versa).
      It will settle to lower values when the weather is stable. Wind values
      have been taken from the real circuits on the actual race date and are
      used as a probability base for the in-game wind simulation.
      - Updates on all car Balance of Performance for all circuits.
      - Fixed an issue that resulted in FFB values passed during the fadeout
      after pressing Quit in the pause menu - probably also resulted in
      gamepad vibration remaining in the UI after quitting.

      - Optimized channels usage.
      - Improved opponents positional audio and distance scale.
      - Overall volume balance.
      - Reworked audio listening-priority.
      - Reworked tyre damage / crew chief warning logic.
      - Better audio stopping on quit game.
      - Better logic for lastlap / hotstint / hotlap crew chief messages.
      - Fixed a rare bug that fills up both real and virtual channels.
      - Fixed crew chief audio that kept playing after car teleport.
      - Fixed 'flickering doppler effect' for the F7 camera, F3 cameras, chase cam and helicam.
      - Fixed missing pit alarms on various tracks.
      - Fixed ambient sounds flickering in F3 cameras
      - Fixed ambient sounds not playing in some cases.
      - Fixed opponents not audible when the focused car is in the pits

      - Reworked Temporal AA engine algorithms in order to mitigate the ghosting effect
      - Added Projection Correction option to the View Settings
      - Removed vignette effect from TV Cameras.
      - Adjusted sky.
      - Adjusted rain particles.
      - Fix to aux lights not being linked to moving car parts.
      - There is a new type of fake body and tyre shadows on all cars that produce less clipping.
      - Opponent visibility now doesn't affect TV cameras.
      - Helicam added.
      - New video options: now contains presets and also additional
      image-related settings, such as white balance, exposure gain, light
      absorption and contrast.
      - Video options revised for more consistent image with various levels of settings.
      - New TV2 camera sets.
      - Fixed LED strip not invisible in DashPro camera.
      - Opponent visibility now has a threshold to reduce car flickering.
      - Onboard camera shake
      - New Driver name label styling

      - Added Championship game mode.
      You can play the official 2018 season (Sprint, Endurance or Full Season)
      or set up a Custom Championship, where you can customize each round.
      - Added Career game mode
      Includes two seasons, including introductory test sessions and an
      introduction to Sprint and Endurance racing in a car of your choice.
      - Added Save Game functon - initial implementation allows one game
      session to be saved and loaded. Save feature is limited to Single Player
      race weekend modes. Multiple save option and save during
      career/championship sessions to be added later.
      Championship and Career progress is saved in between events.
      - Added reset of collidible and destructible objects on session restarts and progression.
      - Added saving/loading replay.
      - Added auto save replay (you can enable it in general settings).
      - Added reverse mode for replay.
      - Fix for mandatory pit when driverstint is used.
      - Fixed wrong first digital display shown on replay start.
      - Added the possibility to change the digital display page for every car (not only player car), including replay cars.
      - Fixed possible broadcast replay crash due to wrong timing.
      - Improved AI formation logic to follow the player car if it is the polesitter.
      - AI to follow the player car during formation if he starts moving
      before the 10-second waiting time. This way the player is no longer able
      to create a gap by starting early from pole.
      - Quick Race and Custom Race Weekend car selection and opponent logic
      completely revised: should be way more user friendly now, and more
      importantly, there are no entry duplicates in these modes anymore.
      Essentially the player now can select every single entry and there is
      only one version of each, same for the opponents, also ingame the player
      gets the appropriate body kit, so the field will be mixed.
      - Added autosave for highlights
      - Gameplay and AI logic additions:
      The AI will now go back to change tyres if the weather changes (with a
      randomized required-rain level in order to not have them all going to
      the pit together), and when fuel is low.
      The same system pops up a message to the player about tyre choice.
      - Driver stint logic is added.
      - Sprint race no longer has the driver swap option because it's
      mandatory, it is a forced swap if the player pits in the pit window for
      the first time.
      Endurance race instead always has the swap option open.
      - Track status on the top of the screen is now connected to the race director.
      - AI is now faster when re-entering the pits.
      - Fixed a bug that allowed the Pit Window time to be the same as the Race Length in short custom race weekends.
      - Fireworks only start when leader crosses the finish line.
      - Added fixed-time refuelling rule for Endurance weekend (non-endurance
      races will have refuel time depending on fuel amount, in endurance mode
      -> fixed time).
      - Podium sequence added after race sessions if player finishes in top 3.
      - AI now slows down in the cooldown lap.
      - Single player green light now starts earlier and not so close on the S/F line.
      - Single player double formation tweaks on some tracks (closer to the last curves).
      - Penalty system:
      1) There is a huge difference between cut estimates of
      a) first lap without having had the corner in a clean way yet
      b) lap after having a clean reference for this corner
      2) Zolder + Paul Ricard now should invalidate the next lap in Hotlap,
      Superpole, Qualifying if the last corner was cut in order to make the
      next lap faster.
      3) Pit entry/exits won't trigger false positive penalties.
      - AI levels tweaked in wet conditions: there is a lot more random factor in their driving. They also "see" puddles now.
      - End-of-race sequence reworked: now possible to either drive a full
      cooldown lap (with the AI) or press ESC after crossing the finish line.
      Pressing ESC before the opponents would finish the race lands the player
      in a screen that shows live leaderboard and unfinished opponents. Once
      all opponents finish the session, the player is taken to the official
      summary results page.
      - Added improved automatic retire function for cars stopped on the
      track, both AI and player. Time tolerance depends on position and
      whether or not the car is facing the wrong way.
      - Reworked pitlane spline logic for AI pit entry
      - Collisions between cars are off during all the pitentry / pitexit procedure.
      - Fixed a bug in dynamic weather progression that could cause extreme conditions from one session to another.
      - Fixed slow motion during replay.
      - Added onboard camera for the camera cycle buttons of the replay HUD.
      - Next/previous car camera in replay HUD now try to show the next/previous car in the track and not randomly chosen.
      - Various replay hud fixes (start/stop on end)
      - Fixed replay lap marker for replays that are shorter than the session.
      - Fixed 'jumpy' car during replay due to low opponent visibility during recording.
      The autosave saves the replay and the highlights as well.
      Note: if you save manually the replay and then exit, the autosave is skipped (10 seconds of cooldown).
      - Full green course for starting race.

      - National cars are now selectable in Quick Race.
      - Reworked MP starting leaderboard: now is based on grid until first
      split (and as a consequence re-enabled the RT leaderboard during
      formation lap).
      - Flags widget added on HUD.
      - Weather forecast widget added in Setup, race HUD and pitstop strategy MFD page.
      - Leaderboards updated with car badge icon and class indicator for the racing number.
      - Updated leaderboards and standings widget layouts.
      - Pit strategy and Tyre set selection added to MFD Pit page.
      - End-of-race splash screen now displays race results. It also shows results in all game modes and sessions.
      - SP session intro sequence revised, it brings the player straight to the welcome screen.
      - Pit Window Open message moved up to the session status.
      - Added option to skip the intro camera sequence in SP game modes in the General Options.
      - Driver Stint time is displayed on the HUD.
      - MFD automatically switches to pit page in the pit zone.
      - Pre-race UI collapse button collapses the leaderboard.
      - Standing water is now clamped to track wetness in the Weather settings.
      - Added random weather and random track options to Custom Weather preset.
      - MFD realtime now shows last lap briefly for the player too
      - Active camera set is displayed in broadcast and TV cameras
      - standing leaderboard now has the correct grid order until first split
      - Added Overtime and Session Start countdown widget for SP and MP
      - Intro sequence is now disabled automatically in VR mode
      - Combined Qualy laptimes are now displayed in the leaderboards in Endurance weekends.
      - Active tyre set displayed on the tyres widget.
      - View settings: cockpit camera movement is now a percentage slider.
      - Added "look with wheel" option to View Settings.
      - Added replay options in General Options.
      - Wind is displayed in weather forecast widget.
      - Setup screen now shows tyre set wear, including flatspots, graining and blistering.
      - Realtime leaderboard and official leaderboard now show the correct grid position until first split.
      - Realtime leaderboard now show the correct official finish position after the finish line.
      - Filtered position for relatime position and various improvements.

      - Enabled the last and highest "Competition Rating" (CP). See…iplayer-rating-1-0.57088/
      - TO Rating now has a working trend indicator and graph.
      - CP Rating has a graph and session details.
      - Fixed CC and CN Ratings being very volatile, should now move within reasonable limits of +- 1 or 2 points.
      - Fixed Driver Category resetting to Bronze frequently.
      - Unlocking PC will automatically unlock SA.
      - Unlocking RC will automatically unlock CP.

      - The server list now contains a "LAN Servers" button which will show servers on the local network.
      - Added spectator mode.
      - Added server configurable entry lists.
      - Added Multiplayer driver swaps.
      - Added wind to dynamic weather component.
      - Added new Quickjoin multiplayer menu.
      - Added special "Competition servers" as new Multiplayer game mode.
      - Server slots now depend on the rating requirements (public servers only).
      - The big changes are mentioned here:…iplayer-rating-1-0.57088/
      - Improved netcode and server performance.
      - Improved Multiplayer error messages.
      - Timetable HUD (TAB or F2) should use the final results instead of the leaderboard, when available.
      - Fixed a bug that teleported players who joined during the Formation countdown phase.
      - Fixed a bug that could crash the server when a car teleported into a specific pit - notably on the Hungaroring.
      - Netcars now should have the correct tyre positions in every situation.
      - Fixed a bug that prevented the 0.7.2 refueling fix to work as expected.
      - Fixed a (rare) crash related to the chat application.
      - Fixed a situation that can lead to double-assignment of grid positions.
      - Added "dumpLeaderboard" option, which will save session results as json file.
      - Fixed wrong driver name assignments, especially on team cars.
      - Fixed green/red flashing Delta time when spectating other cars.
      - Re-enabled the Broadcasting API after adjusting to the new Gameplay code (since 0.6).
      - Broadcasting API: Added new events with auto-replay feature for
      laptimes, records, offtrack, collisions and similar highlights.

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    • Wollte es gerade posten. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
      Also 50 GB sind folgendes nicht in meiner Welt. Vielleicht in Pfalzis wo eine Stunde 100 Minuten sind:

      System: AMD Ryzen 3950X OC | Asus Crosshair Hero VIII | 32GB G.Skill Ripjaws 3600MHz | Asus ROG Strix 2080Ti O-11G OC | Oculus Rift | Logitech G920
    • Vielleicht sind die 2019er-Autos, welche erst im Sommer kommen etwas größer :lol:

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    • Werde es ja gleich sehen. Neuinstallation soltle vorm Freien Training fertig sein.
      Aber heute erstmal GTR
      Vielleicht schau ich danach nomma rein


      Assetto Corsa Competizione Launches Today On Steam | Kunos Simulazioni - Official Forum

      Die Patchnotes zu v1.0
      System: AMD Ryzen 3950X OC | Asus Crosshair Hero VIII | 32GB G.Skill Ripjaws 3600MHz | Asus ROG Strix 2080Ti O-11G OC | Oculus Rift | Logitech G920
    • Schön das sie Manuell (z.b. schaltung) im deutschen mit Handbich übersetzen ^^ aber is ja noch beta.
      Arla Season 3 GT3-Pro: Platz: 1
      GTR-Pro 2018: Platz: 1
      GTR-Pro 2018/2: Platz: 2
      GTR-Pro 2019: Platz: 3
      GTR-Pro 2019/2: Platz: 2
      Clio Championship: Platz: 1
      ACCRL Season 1 GT3 Platz: 1

      - YouTube
    • Thema VR im Schnelllauf: Ging sehr schnell (in SteamVR mit dem Controller die Sitzposition resetten - dauert 5 Sekunden dann sind die Menüs wieder auf Position ) , dann lüppt das von der Darstellung, incl. des ingame-overlays (Anzeigen sind dann auch stationär wie auf dem Monitor).
      Allerdings werden wohl wieder die ini.-Dateien entsprechend geändert werden müssen.

      Habe aktuell noch keine Maussteuerung, also erstes Starten ohne VR wg. Dateneinträge, Einstellungen usw.

      Während des Fahrens lassen sich nun alle Optionen verändern, auch Wheel/Pedale etc.

      Alles in allem würde ich sagen von der Alpha auf eine sehr ausgeschlafene Beta upgegradet - im positiven Sinne, da noch nicht alles läuft wie es laufen soll! :thumbsup:

      @Saufi11 vieles eingedeutscht :thumbup:

      i7 8700K @5GHz watercooled by alphacool - GAINWARD RTX 2080ti Golden Sample - 32GB DDR4 3000 CL15 - SSD only - CSW 2.5 - DSD Buttonbox - 4k Triple - S-Dream-Rig - Valve Index HMD
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    • Scheint ja mit SteamVR zusammenzuhängen. Dort resettet man ja die Sitzposition - dann ist alles ok!

      i7 8700K @5GHz watercooled by alphacool - GAINWARD RTX 2080ti Golden Sample - 32GB DDR4 3000 CL15 - SSD only - CSW 2.5 - DSD Buttonbox - 4k Triple - S-Dream-Rig - Valve Index HMD
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    • Auf meinem CHG90 Wide Screen sieht das nur grässlich aus. Grafik auf Epig-Voreinstellung aber die Kantenglättung sieht so aus wie pCARS2 auf der Konsole. Es wirkt auch etwas unscharf in der Ferne. So kann ich das nicht Fahren einfach nur <X .

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    • Denkt dran den neuen Nvidia Treiber zu installieren. Der wurde für ACC optimiert laut den Releasenotes.
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    • Ändert leider nix an der "poor perfomance" in VR - auf dem Monitor sieh es wie gehabt sehr (sehr) gut aus....

      i7 8700K @5GHz watercooled by alphacool - GAINWARD RTX 2080ti Golden Sample - 32GB DDR4 3000 CL15 - SSD only - CSW 2.5 - DSD Buttonbox - 4k Triple - S-Dream-Rig - Valve Index HMD
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    • Wenn ich die Samsung Odyssee aufhabe im Spiel, dann sieht es bei mir so aus als hätte ich einen Helm auf. Aber es sieht scheisse aus und gibt ein schlechtes Gefühl. Kann ich es so einstellen, dass meine Sicht nicht dadurch beeinträchtigt ist?
    • Die Nvidea Treiber waren das erste was ich aktualisiert habe. Hat jedoch nichts genützt. Ich glaube da ist was mit dem Wide Screen support total was daneben gegangen. Im VR Forum hat es auch einen Betroffenen der mit dem Nachfolger vom CHG90 ebenfalls eine Grusselgrafik hat. Bis das gefixt ist werde ich das Game zur Seite legen. Absolut unspielbar so.

      Intel Core i7-8700 | ASUS ROG Strix B360-G Gaming | GeForce RTX 2070 GAMING Z 8G |16GB DDR4-2400 | Fanatec Podium DD1/PS4 | Meca Cup 1 Pedale | CSS 1.5 Shifter
    • Hallo zusammen. Ich bin erst vor kurzem von der PS4 zum PC gewechselt. Den letzten PC zum Spielen hatte ich vor ca. 15 Jahren. Ich bin also nicht mehr up to date was das alles angeht.

      Ich habe bei ACC folgendes Problem: in den Einstellungen hat man ja bspw. beim Gas die Möglichkeit zu invertieren und einen Totpunkt festzulegen. Leider kann ich, nachdem ich dort etwas einstelle weder bestätigen noch abbrechen.Ich hänge da quasi fest. Außer Strg-Alt-Entf kann ich nichts machen.
      Ich verwende die CSL Elite PS4 mit dem BMW GT2 Lenkrad.

      Im offiziellen Forum (my English is not the yellow from the egg, but it goes) finde ich zwar einen Eintrag mit dem selben Problem, aber da gibt es keine Lösung. In einem anderen Beitrag beschreibt jemand ein ähnliches Problem im Rahmen der FFB Einstellungen. Dort wird geraten das controls.ini file zu löschen, was die FFB Problematik löst.
      Ich habe Angst das ich mir was zerschieße, wenn ich dies mache. Habt ihr eine Idee / einen Rat für mich?
    • Hi Marcel,

      keine Angst. Probiere das ruhig. Da zerschießt du dir nichts, die wird beim Starten von ACC neu angelegt. Dann am besten zuerst die Pedale einrichten.
      Core i7 4700k wassergekühlt, 16GB DDR3, 2080Ti, 500 GB SSD+ 2TB HDD, 3x32" & HP Reverb
      30Nm Simucube, VPP motopc Pedale+ Hyperreal Break Mod & Bodnar Board, DimSim Shifter & Handbremse, 2x DSD Button Box
      Nichts von Fanatec.

      Es ist völlig normal mit seinem Lenkrad zu schlafen!

    • oh man klingt der AMG scheisse.... >:

      gibs denn kein spiel das den Sound mal richtig gut hinbekommt? T_T
      CPU: Intel i7 10700k @ Alphacool Custom WaKÜ Board: ASUS Z490 STRIX-A Grafikkarte: MSI RTX 3090 Gaming X Trio @ Alphacool Custom WaKü RAM: 32GB G.Skill Trident Z 3400Mhz PSU: Seasonic PX Prime Platinum 850W,
      Speicher: 1x Samsung 970 EVO m.2. 1000GB, 2x 1TB Samsung 860 EVO Case: Thermaltake View 51TG White Monitor: LG 38GL950G-B 3840x1600 21:9