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    • Ligier Nissan LMP 2

      Wenns für irgendjemanden ein problem ist schreib ichs auch auf deutsch oder mach nen screenshot

      Tire pressure front 1,45 bar
      back 1,3 bar
      break pressure 100%
      break balance 56% front
      duct opening 95% in front,100% in the back
      front downforce 4 ,for le mans and daytona 1
      rear downforce 5 or 6 (up to you) ,for sonoma 10 daytona and le mans 0
      weight bias:45,5in the front

      2nd page
      caster angle 8,9
      camber angle 3,8
      height 62mm
      spring rate front 195

      rear camber angle 3,7
      height 70
      spring rate lowest(123N/mm)

      steering ratio ~10,5 for wheel
      front toe in angle 0,1
      anti roll bar maximum (~940 N/mm)
      3rd spring 300N/mm

      back toe in angle 0,1
      anti roll bar 45N/mm
      3rd spring 300N/mm, for daytona 0N/mm

      no bump stops at all
      Slow bump and fast bump always the lowest
      bump and rebound transitions alwas the lowest
      fast rebounds always maximum

      front slow rebound 16800N/mm/s
      rear slow rebound 10800N/mm/s

      4th page
      radiator opening 55% or more for excample at dubai
      engine breaking 3

      make the gear rations fit on your own please by help of the record laps,i will add that later on if you want me to
      traction control 25% ,use the button for low traction control and for the start none
      abs strength 87%

      spool off
      geared lsd on
      bias ratio power 1.0
      bias ratio coast 1.9
      clutch lsd on
      preload 50Nm ,I prefer 100Nm
      clutches 4
      power ramp 75 deg
      coast ramp 55 deg
      viscous lsd on
      viscous lock 500Nm

      Edits: Abs,traction control,aero back, duct opening back,dampers rear,front tire pressure and anti roll bar

      Problems concerning the handling of the car have been:
      Engine break can be 4 or 5 instead of 3 when the car gets instable while rolling or releasing the acceleration.spins at the entrance of a bend can be solved by setting break pressure like 1 % more to the front.spins at the end of a turn can be avoided by setting the power ramp to 80 deg

      Die pcars community fährt doch damit rennen,nehmt das doch bitte mal unter die Lupe

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