Jack Spade Custom FFB Files - PCARS 2 - PC 2.1.1

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In Project CARS 2 sind einzelne Auto-Tweaker-Dateien nicht mehr enthalten, somit gibt es nur noch diese globale Dateien, welche für alle Fahrzeuge gelten. Die Dateien enthalten bestimmte Lenkradspezifikationen,wie z.b. Totzonenentfernung und Widerstand, dies sollte dementsprechend individuell für jedes Lenkrad eingestellt werden.

Vorgehensweise :
1. Entpacke / kopiere alle Dateien in folgenden Ordner "Dokumente/Projekt CARS 2".
2. Lösche die SMS-Standarddatei "ffb_custom_settings". (Beachte: das Spiel erstellt automatisch eine neue Datei, wenn beim Spielstart keine vorhanden ist)
3. Aktivierung : benenne die ausgewählte Datei ( eine von den 8 unten aufgeführten Varianten) in "ffb_custom_settings" um
4. Starte das Spiel und wähle im FFB-Menü "Custom bzw. Benutzerdefiniert"

Die 8 Dateien im Überblick :


1. standard low comp
2. standard low comp DD
3. standard mid comp
4. standard high comp
5. alternative low comp
6. alternative low comp DD
7. alternative mid comp
8. alternative high comp

empfohlene FFB-Werte : Amplitude 100, Itensität 50, Ton 50, FX 50 (FX-Wert nach eigenem Geschmack einstellen, etwas geringer bei den 3 "alternative" Dateien)

Ich habe hier nur mal das nötigste übersetzt, weitere Erklärungen bzw. kompletter Post mit Hinweisen - siehe verlinkte Homepage !!!

Link WMD-Forum : Jack Spade Custom FFB Files
  • Version 2.1.1

    - 48,73 kB - 104 mal heruntergeladen

    Custom Files V2.1.1 update Notes:

    1. Vol & Tone balance list only - Ferrari 488 Challenge added.

    Custom Files V2.1 update Notes:

    1. All Standard and Tire Files - better/cleaner tire scrub effect. Thanks to skoader for discovering an issue in the code.

    2. Vol & Tone Balance List - Porsche Legends DLC added and small corrections on various cars.

    Anti Jolt 2 and Scoop disabled, delete this # in front of corresponding lines to enable. Scoop and Deadzone Removal require
    appropriate values for your type of wheel.

    Custom Files V2.0 update Notes:

    1. Tone (Mz/Fy) and Volume balance - a list of all cars (Notepad++ text file). Improves feel for over/understeer,
    eliminates inconsistencies, steering feels more direct and precise, all cars in the same ballpark.

    2. New set of Custom files - forces directly sampled from the Tires as in PC1, similar to Standard files but
    slightly different feel, slightly reduced compression.

    3. Additional set of Custom files extended with SopDifferential - only to use with corresponding Volume & Tone
    balance, purpose to suppress out of phase issues.
    Improves point #1, fixes issues on many cars that seem odd or even broken...Lamborghini anybody? Detailed info
    text about it inside the zip file.
    Especially many thanks to "skoader", known for his FCM 1.2 tool, for making the additional code work.

    The Files V2.1.1:

    Traditional Files:
    1. standard low comp
    2. standard low comp DD
    3. standard mid comp
    4. standard high comp
    5. alternative low comp
    6. alternative low comp DD
    7. alternative mid comp
    8. alternative high comp
    9. tire low comp
    10. tire low comp DD
    11. tire mid comp
    12. tire high comp

    SopDifferential Files:
    13. - 24. As above + SopDiff.


    Suggested FFB setting: Gain 100, FX 50 ( FX to taste, lower with alternative file), Volume & Tone balance list.

    FFB is directly derived from physics, there´s no special feature to emphasize over or understeer.
    Tone - more or less balances Mz/Fy and generally should stay at default 50.
    FX - controls the level of bumps, kerbs, grass, scrub and road noise, level to taste.
    Gain - always at 100, use Volume to adjust the global FFB level to taste.

    Checking different files requires restart of the game each time an other
    file is activated or/and edited, session restart is not enough.

    Reference - use the Porsche 911 GT3 or McLaren 650S GT3 at Oulton Park
    and Fuji, these are laser scanned tracks and have the natural road
    texture and
    normaly don´t require the artificial road noise effect of the standard files.
    Silverstone and Imola are non laser scanned tracks and are pretty flat
    and boring maybe, ideal to check what the road noise files do.

    Note, with the suggested global settings and in combo with the custom
    files FFB is severely stronger than with any of the SMS flavors, the
    files tend to cause oscillation, so always keep your hands on the wheel.

    Also note, I decided to disable the "Anti Jolt" feature, due to the
    degrading side effect it has on the vast majority of cars that are not
    by the issue anyway, to enable delete this "#" in the corresponding lines.

    Download und Quelle : Jack Spade Custom FFB Files
  • Version 1.1

    - 12,96 kB - 174 mal heruntergeladen

    Custom Files V1.1 update Notes:

    1. High end wheels in general don´t require too much compression, hence
    the additional 2 files have a little bit different low comp setting,
    mainly aiming to avoid clipping and to maintain a nice balance of forces
    and dynamics. Suitable for DD wheels, CSW v2.5, v2 and similar.

    2. Tire Scrub Effect - now also is active with Standard Files. Made it a
    bit more sensitve in all files, it´s nicely in sync with tire noises in
    driving scenarios. -- Reference Porsche 911 GT3 RS / Silverstone.

    3. The Deadzone Removal line now identical in all files, PC1 gamer
    should be more familiar with this one, don´t forget to set your values.

    Important - I noticed a bug if the deadzone is set at zero, the wheel
    pulls with maximum force to the right at session start, set it at a very
    low value instead.

    4. AJ´s latest Anti Jolt - works better now, but sill get the impression
    that not free of side effects, which seem to take away the crispness
    of bumps and kerbs, causes a slightly muted feeling in general, perhaps
    not noticeable on Lofi wheels. It´s like recording on analog audio tape
    in comparison to digital.
    I decided to leave it disabled, if you can´t stand the jolts on the very few affected cars, enable it.
    Would be nice if someone could make a list of all those cars in question.
    The Files V1.1:

    1. standard low comp
    2. standard low comp DD
    3. standard mid comp
    4. standard high comp
    5. alternative low comp
    6. alternative low comp DD
    7. alternative mid comp
    8. alternative high comp

    Suggested FFB setting: Gain 100, Volume 50, Tone 50, FX 50 ( FX to taste, lower with alternative file)
  • Version 1.0.0

    - 9,67 kB - 45 mal heruntergeladen